Frequently Asked Questions

What Supplies Do I need?
We will send you a supply list each month! You can our Ultimate Art Supply List if you want to go ahead and get most what you will need.

Common supplies used are:
Mixed Media paper
Neon oil pastels
Watercolor paint
Sharpie marker

How long does the membership last?
That's up to you! We provide new content and lessons each month! You can continue it as long as you'd like. You can also cancel at any time!

What if we have multiple kids in the same household?
Multiple kids in the same house can share these lessons. We have split our lessons into two age groups 5-8 year olds and 9-13 year olds. Different lessons are provided in each age group. You have access to BOTH age groups! This a membership the whole family can enjoy!

Do we have to have a Facebook page?
No, you don't have to have a Facebook page. However we will have a private Facebook group so that we can all share pictures and sometimes we can teach Live inside of Facebook.

Do we have to tune in LIVE at a certain time?
Nope. You can do these on your own time anytime. You can watch them over and over as many times as you'd like. Videos will be in your library so you can make your own schedule.